Python Developer Skills


Python Developer Skills

Python developers’ demands are high, not only because the language is so popular and widely used, but also because Python has become a reliable and economical solution to many other technical problems. Python integrates with almost every other technology, from web apps to data science and machine learning, like sugar in water. However, learning this language is not enough, although you can be called a Python programmer. So, the obvious: what do you need to know to be better? What are the essential skills of a Python developer?
Python Developer Skills

Before delving into a Python developer’s skills, it’s essential to understand where the role can take you. Before that, let’s go back in time to find out how and why a language like Python was needed.

The language of the Renaissance

The central philosophy: When Guido van Rossum was developing Python, his central philosophy was to create an intuitive programming language whose design is much better than existing ones. By system, he meant the syntax of the language, the readability of the code, the language’s constructs, and the logical code. Over the years, the language has undergone many changes and version updates. Today, Python 3.7v is much more straightforward, more concise, and easier to learn.

Python programming

Python is the language of choice for businesses worldwide because it creates extensible projects and can be used by millions of users simultaneously. While this may be true, it isn’t easy to find a developer with Python’s useful knowledge. Now, to have full Python developer skills, you should have a good understanding of significant Python concepts, including the following:

  • Configuration of the Python environment
  • Data structures
  • POO concepts
  • Connection to the database
  • NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas
  • Exception management and multithreading
  • Packages and functionalities
  • Scratch the web
  • Apache Spark coding, etc.

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Web framework

The skills of Python developers play an important role in all phases of the project. Knowledge of Python is also useful when an application needs to be extended to millions of users. Also, a Python developer must have a good knowledge of the Django framework or the Flask framework. Django is better than Flask in terms of design, but Flask beats Django in terms of use and popularity. If you want to improve your career, we strongly recommend that you learn these two structures. In addition to these two, you should also learn:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

Relational Object Mapper

ORM is a type of programming routine best suited when you need to perform data conversions for incompatible systems. Learning ORM will help you create a virtual objects database that you can use with other programming tools/languages.

Data science

Data scientists are professionals with extensive experience in R, Python, statistics, SQL, algorithms, etc. They are responsible for collecting and processing data to obtain valuable information about the data. Python now plays an essential role in data science. The main reason is the versatility and the statistical support code.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a whole concept that you will learn by working with algorithms. As a Python developer, you must have an idea of machine learning. It’s a great way to write machine learning code.

Deep learning

Deep learning is the advanced version of machine learning. When a dataset is much more complicated, and a machine learning algorithm doesn’t seem to be implemented correctly, deep understanding is useful. To learn a deep understanding, you must first master the following:

  • Artificial neural network architecture
  • Audio and video processing

Analytical know-how

The developer community around the world does not appreciate redundant code. However, analytical skills will help you think logically and, therefore, code better. You should also be able to:

  • Optimize algorithms when working with data science technology
  • Work on visualization tools, etc.

Design skills

The central intensity behind specific design skills as a Python developer is merely using the design philosophy to create scalable systems. This means that all types of people will enjoy the final app you make.

Multi-process architecture

To become a full Python developer, you need to understand some designer skills. Contains:

  • MVC architecture (Model View Controller)
  • MVT architecture (model view model)

Communication and collaboration skills

While communication and collaboration are not necessary, a good understanding of both aspects will help you identify and resolve stakeholder business issues. Plus, as a Python developer, you regularly work with analysts, testers, DBAs, etc. Therefore, good skills won’t hurt!

Therefore, an experienced developer with all this Python knowledge can quickly discover the main issues. However, the items above are a few of the excellent Python developer skills to have. However, there are still a few Python skills you need to become a Python developer.

Must have python developer skills

At the start of your career, you may want to skip one or two of the Python developer skills mentioned above. However, there is some essential Python knowledge that is essential in advancing your career in Python. This includes the Python framework, ORM libraries, front-end technologies, Python libraries, machine learning, and good communication.

Version control

There are many changes to the source code, and you should keep up with each one. It is one of the essential professional requirements expected of any business. If a developer has their GitHub set up correctly and is already familiar with the words “commit, pull, fork, push,” they can efficiently process different coding versions and track code changes.

Knowledge of front-end technologies

A Python developer should work and coordinate with the front end team to align the client-side to the server-side. A developer should have a good understanding of front-end technologies to understand the application’s appearance, how the front-end works, the features and limitations of the front-end. For a Python developer, front-end experience and knowledge comes in handy in some of the larger projects.

The ability to integrate

A Python developer should have the ability to combine multiple databases and data sources on a single system. This integration allows the system to function correctly and with fewer inconsistencies.

Knowledge of the server-side model language

A Python developer should also have a good understanding of the server-side modeling language, such as Make, Jinja 2, etc.

Knowledge of user authorization and authentication

A Python developer should also be aware of user authorization and authentication between various environments, servers, and systems.

Python event programming

A Python developer should be familiar with Python event programming.

Good debugging and unit testing skills

A developer should have extensive knowledge of debugging and testing devices.

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Understand the code version management tool

A developer may also have a good understanding of code versioning tools, such as SVN, Mercurial, and Git.

Ability to create database schemas

If a developer can develop schemas in the database, they can support and represent business processes.

Understand multiple delivery platforms

There are many platforms to provide output, such as desktop or mobile, and a Python developer should know the difference between different platforms. It must also be able to optimize performance based on the target platform to meet the requirements.

Logical thinking ability

In either case, the Python developer must think logically, and the ability to reason well must be second nature for a developer to become a successful Python language developer.

Python Developer Salary

As Python’s popularity grows, maybe it’s time to familiarize yourself with the roles and average salary of a Python developer in the United States.

A Python developer is usually responsible for writing the logic for the server-side web application. This also includes developing back-end components, connecting the app to other third-party web services, and helping front-end developers integrate their work with the Python app. When it comes to Python, it’s also worth mentioning Django (an advanced open-source framework in Python) that many software developers specialize in.

While data analytics and web development are still the primary use cases for Python, machine learning is proving to be healthy. This is evident in the results of the Python Developer Survey 2018. This is precisely why this programming language is gaining more and more attention these days. This can potentially affect the average salary of a Python developer. Python is already the seventh most popular programming language in the world among professional software developers. As a result, it has recently become one of the most sought-after technologies.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a Python developer in the United States is $ 77,362 per year (at the time of writing). At the same time, the average hourly rate is $ 30.25.

Interestingly, the average Python developer salary reported by Glassdoor is higher. It shows that the average base salary is $ 92,000 per year.

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