Data Science Course in Pune with Placement


Learn everything, if you need to be a data scientist in terms of the most modern digital companies. We teach you how to work with BigData, Statistics, Python and Machine Learning and make you eligible to enter in Data Scientist Career. In addition to the necessary tools, we also show you the best practices in communication and visualization that are required in the top companies.

Data Science Training in Pune

Data Science Course in Pune

With the advancement in technology, there are several industries that are turning to Data Science thus the Data Science Course in Pune will be beneficial to you. This course will help you make better decisions by reviewing, analysis and extracting valuable knowledge and information from raw data. IT Training in Pune will train you to execute various Machine Learning Algorithms and use tools and techniques of Experimentation, Evaluation and Project Deployment.



  • 100 % Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Flexible Batches
  • Hands on Experience on Multiple Live Project.
  • Practice Course Material
Real-Time Case Study:

Day by day, you work out solutions to a wide variety of problems that show you which specific questions can be solved with the help of data science. So right from the start, you have a good feeling for what practical data science means and what you can become as a data scientist at the end of your further education. At the same time, these case studies serve as a source of inspiration for the entire course.

Communication and visualization :

Being a data scientist also means being able to communicate and visualize well, ask the right questions and work solution-oriented. Learn to generate standardized presentations and reports and use the most common data visualization tools to share your insights with core customers and stakeholders across multiple departments. Because the best analysis is worth nothing if it is not understood.

Advanced Data Analytics / Machine Learning:

The biggest impact on business can be achieved with Advanced Data Analytics. Scoring models, predictions, image, and text analyzes use complex algorithms and require precise preparation to support business decisions correctly. We will also explain the most difficult issues for you and teach you the most efficient and powerful techniques, such as supervised and unsupervised algorithms. At the end of the boot camp, you lay the foundation for neural networks.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Knowledge of Python programming
  • Knowledge of Database (SQL) and files (MS Excel, CSV, etc.)
  • High school Algebra and Geometry
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IT Training in Pune is conducting Classroom Training. Enroll Now!

Learn Data Science Advance Training Course in Pune, and improve your growth prospects as a certified Data Scientist. Our Data Science Classroom Training is conducted by an expert Data Scientist with real-time training and consulting experience. Our Data Science Foundation certification training course content includes practical assignments, project work, and industry-based case studies.

Our Data Science certification training course created by leading subject matter experts and delivered by experienced trainers will help you make better decisions by reviewing, analyzing and extracting valuable knowledge and information from raw data.

For more information about our upcoming Data Science Foundation exam prep certification training courses, please contact us on [email protected] or fill in the form provided on this page. Our training consultant will contact you with more information on our Data Science certification training courses in Pune.

What is Data Science?
Data Science refers to the collective processes, theories, concepts, tools and technologies that help us a review, analyze and extract valuable knowledge and information from raw data. It helps individuals and organizations make better decisions from stored, consumed and managed data.

Why should I choose IT Training in Pune for Data Science Training?
IT Training in Pune is delivered by experienced Data Scientists. This training course includes practical assignments, project work, and industry-based case studies. Completion of this training course will help you Find the best job for Data Science and a course completion certificate from 3RI Technologies.

Which industries have benefited from Data Science?
With the advancement in technology, there are several industries that are turning to Data Science; Banking, Finance, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Insurance, telecom, travel, and government are only a few to name. While major companies like Uber, Google, Netflix, Amazon, and IBM have been using Data science to the maximum.

What is the future of Data Science?
Data science requires discovering valuable insights from a huge amount of unstructured and structured data that helps meet the specific goals and requirements of a business. Lately, businesses have been mostly dependent on data analysis for decision making and machine learning work as the major components of the IT strategies. Thus, the demand for good data scientists has been increasing consistently.


The amount of available data increases exponentially and with it the job profiles. There has never been a better time to start a career as a data scientist. The demand from the industry is immense, more and more companies are transforming their business models into the digital world. If you write high-class code, but also practice-oriented problems to solve, you are a sought after a man or a sought-after woman.

The job prospects are excellent. A Harvard Business Review even rated the Data Scientist as the “21st Century’s Most Attractive Occupation”, with nearly every industry looking for data scientists. These include, for example, companies from a wide variety of fields of activity, universities, research institutes and start-ups. After all, data is everywhere that needs to be further processed to increase sales or reduce costs. Be it commerce, logistics, energy or insurance companies – all industries are increasingly relying on the analysis and analysis of their data. With training as a data scientist, you are well prepared! More than 10,000 open IT jobs for data scientists have been reported recently – more than ever before. Indian companies are desperately looking for well-trained specialists. A completed university degree or a distance study of computer science or business informatics is no longer the only ticket to a digital future: Personnel managers of large corporations, as well as small start-ups looking for even more team-minded, motivated and adaptive practitioners who without much training in one Team can start.


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