Azure Certification Path


Microsoft Azure is one of the leading public cloud providers today and is among the fastest and fastest adoptions by most businesses. As the number of Microsoft Azure customers in the industry grows, so makes the demand for Azure Certified Candidates, increasing Azure skills’ value. If your goal is a cloud career, following the Azure certification path may be precisely what you need. Learn all about Microsoft Azure certifications on this blog. Here we provide the Azure certification list that you can sign up for and qualify for.
Azure Certification Path

Why Microsoft Azure Certifications?

First of all, you must be asking yourself, “What is Microsoft Azure Certification?” In Microsoft Azure, various options are available for users certified by Microsoft Azure. The graph below clearly shows that these skilled workers’ employment opportunities have steadily increased in recent years.

The average salary for a Microsoft Azure Certified Professional is between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000 per year. Also, 57% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. Now that we’ve found out why Microsoft Azure certifications are the best choice for starting a cloud computing career let’s look at these certifications in detail.

New role-based Azure certifications

To align Microsoft Azure certifications with the latest professional industry trends and make certifications more industry-oriented, Microsoft has organized role-based certifications, with a focus on key positions in the cloud space as follows :

• Cloud administrator

• Cloud developer

• Cloud solutions architect

• Data engineer

• Data scientist

• DevOps Engineer

• Safety engineer

• IA engineer

• Functional advisor

Microsoft Azure offers several tests that must be excluded to receive the Azure certificate. There are a total of five Microsoft certifications focused on the above functions. These certifications are divided into three different levels:

• Basic Level Certification: An exam must pass to receive necessary level certification.

• Associate level certifications: To obtain an associate-level certification, two associate-level examinations must pass.

• Specialist level certifications: two specialist level exams are required. Membership certification is not a prerequisite for this, but you can look for membership level certification first and then specialist level certification.

Azure Foundation Level Certification

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

This certification falls into the entry-level category and is primarily intended for beginners. Candidates are confirmed to have a full understanding of all basic cloud concepts and the most critical Azure fundamentals, e.g., B. Pricing, Azure support, etc.

Exam: AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Basics

This exam must be completed to achieve Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification. This exam is designed to test basic cloud knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Azure.

This exam is optional, which means you do not need to be certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals to advance to the next level of Microsoft Azure certifications. You can skip this exam and take the exams for the next level certifications directly.


• Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts

• Knowledge of the Microsoft Azure platform

• Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), and Korean

• Exam fee: $ 99.00

Azure member level certifications

1. Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator

This Azure certification corresponds to the membership level. It is confirmed that the candidate has a wide range of cloud computing skills and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure functionality. It is expected that a candidate with this certification will be able to manage multiple cloud services, such as security, networking, storage, etc.

Microsoft Azure Administrator is the latest version of the Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103 exam. Exam AZ-104 will be available for users from April 2, 2020, but exam AZ-103 will remain available until August 31, 2020. Until then, you can remove AZ-103 or AZ-104, but it is best if you spawn for AZ-104.

Exam: AZ-104 – Microsoft Azure Administrator

This certification exam is ideal for anyone looking to take on the role of Azure administrator. This is an updated version of the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam (AZ-103).


You must have at least six months of experience working with Azure management, a basic understanding of Azure core services, Azure security management, workloads, and hands-on experience with PowerShell, ARM models, the online command interface, and the Azure portal.

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean

Exam fee: $ 165.00

2. Microsoft Certified Azure Developer

This is another membership-based role-based certification through Microsoft Azure. Candidates with this certification should be highly proficient in designing and building cloud applications using Azure tools and technologies.

Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure is the latest version of Exam

AZ-203 for Microsoft Azure Developers. The AZ-204 exam was launched on February 26, 2020, and the AZ-203 exam remained available until May 31, 2020. As a result, you can now take the AZ-204 exam directly.

Exam: AZ-203 – Developer Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Exam AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure is the only exam required to achieve Microsoft Certified Azure Developer certification. The purpose of this exam is to test the developer’s skills to use Azure services. This is also a prerequisite for the Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert exam.

Note: This exam will be discontinued no later than August 31, 2020. The official exam for Solution Development for Microsoft Azure is AZ-204


• Experience in developing scalable solutions in the application form by implementing Azure tools and technologies

• Knowledge of at least one programming language with cloud support

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean

Exam fee: $ 165.00

Exam: AZ-204: Solution Development for the Microsoft Azure Beta Exam

This certification exam is currently in beta. This is the new standard for anyone looking to become an Azure cloud developer.


• In-depth knowledge of Azure SDKs, APIs, data storage options, application authentication, authorization, debugging, monitoring, computer and container provisioning, data connections performance monitoring, and tuning

• At least 1 to 2 years of practical experience in professional development

• Hands-on experience working on the Microsoft Azure platform

• Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), and Korean

• Exam cost: $ 165.00

3. Azure AI Associate Engineer

• Azure AI Engineer Associate certification is for those who wish to become a Microsoft Azure AI specialist.

Exam: AI-100: Implementing and Designing an Azure AI Solution

• Candidates must pass Exam AI-100: Design and Implement an Azure AI Solution to gain credentials as an Azure AI Engineer Associate.


• There is no prerequisite as such. However, because this is an associate-level exam, an Azure Fundamentals certification is inexpensive.

• Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), and Korean

• Exam cost: $ 165.00

4. Azure Data Scientist Associate

Azure Data Scientist Associate certification is suitable for anyone who takes on the role of Azure Data Scientist Associate.

Exam: DP-100: Implementing and Designing a Data Science Solution on Azure

In the DP-100 certification exam, you can find questions that include tasks related to organizing individual components in a specific order and general questions about the MCQ.


There is no prerequisite as such. However, because this is an associate-level exam, an Azure Fundamentals certification is inexpensive.

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean

Exam fee: $ 165.00

5. Associate Azure Security Engineer

The Azure Security Engineer Associate certification is suitable for anyone assuming the role of an Azure Security Engineer Associate.

Exam: AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

The AZ-500 exam aims to achieve Azure Security Engineer Associate certification. It is recommended that you pass the Azure Fundamentals exam before taking the AZ-500 exam.


• Knowledge of the implementation of security controls on the Microsoft Azure platform

• In-depth knowledge of virtualization, Cloud N-Tier architecture, Amazon Kubernetes service, and network

• Ability to identify and correct vulnerabilities using various security tools; Implementation of security solutions to protect networks, applications, and data

• Experience in scripting and automation, identity management and security state access and maintenance

• Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), and Korean

• Exam cost: $ 165.00

6. Azure Data Engineer Associate

• This Azure certification is designed to familiarize candidates with the data platform technologies available on Azure and is ideal for data engineers.

Exam: DP-200: Implementation of an Azure Data solution

• The DP-200 Azure certification exam is one of two exams taken to earn the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. It serves as the support exam for the other one, namely H. DP-201: Design Azure Data Solution exam. You need to pass both exams to get certified because they serve different purposes.


• Candidates should be able to implement data solutions using Azure service. However, the prerequisite is that they do not receive any further Azure certification.

• Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), and Korean

Azure certification exams have withdrawn

Microsoft Azure has recognized the new requirements and needs to be met when developing certification programs for a lucrative career in today’s industry and has changed its exams and certifications. Microsoft Azure has discontinued some exams and replaced them with newly developed and modified exams.