5 Types of Engaging Video Content For Businesses


Things to Consider When Creating Video Content:

Types of Videos

Video content has appeared as one of the most reliable tools for every business on social media. The reason is that over 73% of users prefer to consume this type of content as it’s more fun and entertaining. It’s no wonder that videos are now the most used content in marketing strategy.

According to YouTube, online users watch videos a whopping 1 billion hours a day. This concludes how much people love videos because of their compelling and exciting content. Thanks to this, businesses can now benefit from these user behaviors to strategically run a marketing campaign.

Besides, this type of marketing scheme is way more accessible than ever. You only need in-depth research of your market and draft it into engaging video content. It’s also more affordable to consider how effective the outcome is than another type of content.

Nonetheless, there are many different types of video content that helps you achieve a business purpose. So, which types of video meet your brand’s objective?

1. How-to Videos

how-to or tutorial videos are apt for raising awareness, especially if you’re new to the business. It’s always hard to compete with the existing competitors, and getting exposure is a big challenge. However, using these types of videos can help you reduce the noise and offer the audience brand new excitement.

Tutorials can hook your viewers as well as educate them through the easy-to-digest information inside it. There’s a reason why this type of video is engaging to the audience. The step-by-step information helps them understand the content with minimum effort.

What you must do is produce a how-to that’s helpful for the viewers. They will expect your video to sort out their problem in an unthinkable way. The more useful your videos are, the more likely people notice your brand.

2. Animated Explainers

When seeking out the best introductory video, explainers always come to mind. An explainer video uses storytelling that accentuates your brand nicely. It’s also backed up with extraordinary sounds that help viewers catch the message conveniently.

Due to its ability to turn complex data into bite-sized information, an explainer usually incorporates animation in the video. Animated video lets the viewers understand even the most complicated messages with its remarkable and fun appearance.

The perk of having explainer videos is you don’t need to create another business representation content. This type of video is sufficient to use even in a professional nature regardless of animation usage. It’s also easier to promote your brand in such a short time, as this video typically runs under two minutes.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are users’ statements that help boost your credibility and expertise. If you’re a brand, customers’ reviews or testimonials are the keys to your trustworthiness.

The vast majority of people on social media are now relying hard on peer reviews. That’s because users will trust what their fellow man says rather than listening to the brand. User review represents what customers’ perspectives are.

If you use testimonials correctly, more people can use them as a gate to their purchase decision. In fact, over 95% of people say that testimonials – whether positive or negative – influence their purchasing decisions. So, it’s clear how important it is to include customer reviews in your marketing strategy.

4. Behind-The-Scenes

Behind-the-scenes (also called company culture videos) is another type of video that emphasizes your brand in a unique way. This video content shows the audience how your brand is actually behind the curtain. Simply put, you can include everything you want to expose to the world.

The benefit of using behind-the-scenes is you can attract serious potential buyers as well as business partners to embark on your business journey. It’s crafted for those who want to get to know about your brand closely.

However, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of having new leads from this video onward. Thanks to the amazing shot and storyline about your brand, many people will find it interesting to watch until the end.

5. Product Demos

If you aim to influence your viewers’ decision, incorporating product demo videos are an excellent choice. This type of video contains detailed information about the product or service you’re offering. It also includes features and benefits that people can immediately reap from it.

Product demo videos can save your time from repeatedly using sales representatives to explain the information. Moreover, you can include this video on many occasions and strategies such as trade shows and email marketing.

This highly engaging video helps your audience understand better how the product will look like. Unlike other video marketing types, product demos can also turn even non-potential buyers into customers for how attractive your product or service might be.

Wrap It Up

As more people enjoy watching video content on social media, it’s time for businesses to incorporate videos into their marketing strategy. Videos are engaging content that leaves the viewers in awe for their concise message and astonishing visuals. Without spending so much time, people can understand the context much more efficiently. That’s what makes videos a great tool for businesses to acquire more leads.

However, videos come in different types and styles. In order to achieve the business’ goals, you must select the one that suits you the most. Consider using these five best video content to promote your business on social media.